tadsTemporary anchorage devices (TADS) are devices that are temporarily fixed to the bone for assistance with orthodontic anchorage.  The device is used to assist with movement of adjacent teeth. Once the teeth are in the desired position, the TADS are easily removed.  By using temporary anchorage devices your orthodontist can change difficult situations into easily treatable orthodontic movements without loss of tooth structure .

These devices are mini dental implants, screws, or plates.   The advantages to the patient include, greater comfort, i.e., no headgear.   Also, the TADS speed treatment and drastically reduce compliance required by the patient.  Placing the temporary anchorage device is done in the office and is a relatively simple procedure.  Dr. Mueller can place them with local anesthesia or IV anesthesia.

How is the TAD placed?

tads2TADS are easily placed with local or IV anesthesia.  During the placement with local anesthesia, the patient may feel some slight pressure during insertion but no pain.  With IV anesthesia, patients typically feel nothing at all.  Depending on the TADs that will be placed, the procedure takes from 15 – 45 minutes.

How long will the TAD be in place?

The anchorage device is temporary and is typically removed in a few months or when the device is no longer needed.  You orthodontist will let you know when to return to have the TADs removed.

How is it removed?

TADs are removed with either topical, local or IV anesthesia, depending on the type that you have had placed.  It is a brief and easy procedure.