Male Cosmetic Procedures

Male facelift scar to preserve the sideburn.

Male facelift scar to preserve the sideburn.

Cosmetic procedures are not for women only.  2012 statistics show that over 800,000 procedures (10% of all cosmetic procedures) were performed on men.  This number is growing by at least 1% per year.  It is no longer taboo for men to want to improve their looks.  Men want to look as young as they feel, look more rested, and be more competitive in the job market.  Along with minorities, men are the largest growing demographic receiving cosmetic procedures.  These procedures are not just for women anymore.

In Dr. Mueller’s practice, men request procedures such as facelift, eyelid tuck (blepharoplasty), brow and forehead lift, liposculpture, laser resurfacing, mole removal, Botox (sometimes referred to as Bro-tox when performed on men) and injectables for lip augmentation.  Cheek and chin implants are on the rise and other minor refinements are also becoming popular.

male_bleph male_bleph2

It is important to know that while many women like bold changes, say, with their eyelids, men want subtle changes that do not feminize them.  They just want to look refreshed.  Dr. Mueller individualizes every treatment so that these subtleties are addressed.  Dr. Mueller also takes great care to hide the incisions of facelift and eyelid procedures…nobody else needs to know.

Men can be just as concerned about their looks as women.  For far too long the expectation has been for men to just “accept it and age gracefully,” now more than ever before, there is an increasing pressure on men to look good. Men are seeing their significant others having procedures done to look and feel younger. “Mommy makeovers”, facelifts and eye lifts are becoming very common and people are more open about discussing their procedures as well. These men see the results and how happy their significant other is with the outcome and become more interested. Male executives desire to look younger because they are often speaking in front of large groups, on television, or on the Internet. In many cases, men find themselves competing for continued employment with younger professionals.

At Virginia Facial Surgery we understand that wanting to look good doesn’t mean that men want to give up their masculinity. Dr. Mueller will help rejuvenate your look and turn back the hands of time. The effects of ageing can be reversed and features that have bothered you for years can be improved.

Instead of just thinking about Cosmetic Surgery and not doing it, more and more men are now actually enjoying the benefits in increasing numbers. Men want to look the way they feel too!