Facial/Neck Liposuction

Arrows indicate where small incisions are made

Arrows indicate where small incisions are made

Facial liposuction is a procedure that involves the removal of excess fat from the face and neck in a sculpting fashion.  This can produce some dramatic effects in the aging face by removing and sculpting fat deposits.  Removing too much can be detrimental by leaving too much laxity in the skin or concave defects.  Therefore, liposculpture is recommended to be performed alone in younger patients with good skin elasticity or patients that have a genetic predisposition for fat deposits.  In older patients, it is performed in combination with other procedures such as facelift, neck lift and chin implants.

The most common areas to treat with liposculpture are the submental region (below the chin) and the jowl region of the lower jaw.  While it is not a treatment for obesity or weight loss, liposculpture removes and reduces persistent and unwanted fat deposits that are typically resistant to exercise and dieting.

Am I a candidate for facial liposculpture?

As stated, liposculpture alone is usually indicated for patients in their 30’s and 40’s who have a nice skin drape.  In older individuals, liposculpture is utilized in combination with face lift, neck lift, and frequently, chin implants.  Chin implants act to give some definition to the chin, but more importantly, it tightens up the loose skin following the removal of fat.  The profile is also improved.  If there is excessive skin, Dr. Mueller will recommend a neck lift procedure.  Women’s skin tends to respond better than men’s with respect to liposculpture.

The Liposculpture Procedure

The procedure can be performed either under local anesthesia or IV anesthesia.  Small incisions are made under the chin and in a crease behind the earlobes.  These incisions heal with little to no notice after complete healing.

Recovery last about 3 – 7 days, depending on the treatment.  An elastic head wrap is worn for several days during the day, and for a week to 10 days at bed time.  Dr. Mueller likes you to be up and about that evening; walking around the house and sitting up in a chair.  You may return to normal exercise activity in 10 days to 2 weeks.

Buccal (Cheek) Fat Pad Reduction

For patients that have very full cheeks, either due to heredity or the shape of their face, buccal fat pad reduction is a common facial cosmetic surgery procedure that slims and sculpts the cheeks.

The buccal fat pad is a large encased, dumbbell-shaped pad of fat that extends from beneath the cheek bone up to the temporal region above and in front of the ear.  This fat pad can, in some patients, give the appearance of “chubby cheeks.”  Selective removal of the lower part of the fat pad, the part that resides under the cheek bone, can enhance, thin and sculpt the cheeks.

The procedure can be performed with local anesthesia or IV anesthesia.  Small incisions are made inside the mouth adjacent to the upper molar teeth.  The fat is removed and the incisions are closed with dissolving sutures.  The procedure takes about 15 – 20 minutes per side.  The recovery is about 3 – 5 days.  Results are almost immediate, but the final results are realized in about 2 weeks.  Dr. Mueller performs this procedure alone or in combination with facelift, facial implants, liposculpture, and jaw reconstructive osteotomy (orthognathic surgery) procedures.