Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Blepharoplasty/ Eyelid Surgery Procedure

blepharoplastyThe goal of the eyelid procedure is to freshen and rejuvenate the appearance of the eyes; to give our clients a more rested, refreshed appearance.  Dr. Mueller utilizes laser and radiofrequency technologies for eyelid procedures.  This produces less bleeding, bruising, tissue damage, faster healing and less pain.  Some clients only need removal of excess skin, while others require removal of herniated fat and muscle.  Utilizing laser and radiofrequency instrumentation allows Dr. Mueller to treat all of these concerns.  Depending on your specific examination, Dr. Mueller may use a transconjunctival approach which places the incision inside the eyelid.  No sutures are necessary.  The advantage of the transconjunctival approach is the avoidance of a scar on the skin and the avoidance of the complication known as ectropion.  Ectropion pulls the lower lid down and results in showing excess sclera (white) show below the iris.  The skin of the lower lid is either treated with laser resurfacing, chemical peel or a skin pinch procedure which places a small hidden incision under the eyelashes.  For patients who have significant sagging or muscle considerations, an incision on the outside of the lid may be necessary.  Protective shields are placed over the eyes to avoid injury. Eyelid lift surgery can have lasting results. Dr. David Mueller has extensive experience with blepharoplasty eyelid surgery procedures. Ask to see before and after examples.

Typical blepharoplasty preoperative markings.

Typical blepharoplasty preoperative markings.

The eyelid procedure is performed in our outpatient facility under light IV anesthesia or even local anesthesia if desired.  Eyelid surgery is simple and quick.  Recovery takes about a week.  Dr. Mueller wants you to rest and refrain from any strenuous activity or heavy lifting for two weeks.  You can expect several days of swelling and some bruising.  There is little to no discomfort the following day.  If you have any skin sutures, Dr. Mueller, a cosmetic plastic surgeon will remove them in a week.


Sutures are removed in 7 days.  Swelling and bruising usually resolves within a week to ten days.  Makeup may be used once the sutures are removed.  Dr. Mueller asks that you discard old makeup and purchase new, as bacteria may reside in older make-ups and can cause wound infection.  We ask that you relax for several days, keep your head elevated and apply ice packs to your forehead and eyes for 48 hours.  You can shower and wash your hair lightly after three days and can return to normal activity in 10 – 14 days.

What if I cannot take a week off work or don’t want surgery?

If you cannot take time off of work or simply do not want to have surgery, Dr. Mueller can treat some patients with a non-surgical procedure that masquerades or camouflages the mild sagging or bags under the eyes.  You can correct your eyes without surgery.  This can be done by plumping the cheeks and the “tear trough” created by the sagging fat bags of the lower lid with an injectable filler.  This is a quick procedure that will last about a year in most cases and can instantly make you look younger and well rested.  The recovery is quick and bruising is usually minimal.


Facial aging is often visible sooner in the eyelids than other areas of the lower face.  This presents as sagging of the skin and muscle or the lids.  This gives the appearance of saggy, tired eyes.  In addition, the fat that cushions the eye protrudes into the eyelid forming bags and thickenings in the eyelids.  This is why, traditionally, eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty or an eye-tuck) is performed at earlier ages.  The eyebrows should also be evaluated, as a brow / forehead lift maybe needed instead of an eyelid procedure, as brow position is an important consideration.

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If you are interested in having eyelid surgery or fillers, for a brighter and more vibrant appearance, Dr. Mueller would love to help you.  To learn more about eyelid procedures, or to schedule a consultation, call our outpatient facility today.