Cosmetic Consultation

Virginia Facial Surgery offers the full spectrum of reconstructive and age-defying facial cosmetic procedures under the care of Dr. David Mueller.  Dr. Mueller focuses exclusively on aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, head and neck. His extensive experience and training in Maxillofacial and Facial Plastic Surgery give him unique, in-depth knowledge of the face and its underlying structures.

From the emotional challenges of facial reconstruction to the intimate decision of elective cosmetic surgery, Dr. Mueller and his staff are dedicated to caring for all of your facial needs. Dr. Mueller understands that everyone wants to look and feel confident and beautiful at every stage of their life. After listening to your concerns, he can help you achieve your aesthetic goals using proven surgical and non-surgical methods. Dr. Mueller is a professional and caring cosmetic plastic surgeon.

When choosing the right cosmetic plastic surgeon for your facial surgery, trust and expertise are everything. We provide honest, insightful advice about which procedures will be most beneficial for you, to empower you to make informed decisions about your facial health. Our approach to the face – including anti-aging skin care, wellness and the most advanced facial cosmetic procedures – provides results that allow our patients’ own beauty to shine, without appearing “done” or artificial. By customizing each procedure for each patient, Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach specialist Dr. Mueller can achieve natural, beautiful results that enhance the ageless beauty of his patients.

Our goal at the Virginia Facial Surgery is to provide for your total comfort and maximized satisfaction. Whatever your specific interests may be, you can expect genuine and personalized care to optimize your experience.  We look forward to personally meeting you and answering your questions about facial plastic surgery. It would be our pleasure to take care of you.

The Consultation

The consultation appointment is perhaps the most important time spent between the doctor, staff and patient. It is paramount that patients feel relaxed and be prepared to talk and listen. Some patients are nervous when it comes to talking to someone about their cosmetic concerns. Please feel free to bring a spouse or friend along. It is always good to discuss the treatment at some point with a care-giver or support person.

We will address your concerns, and at the same time, Dr. Mueller will fully evaluate your facial features. He will then discuss the comprehensive changes of aging and the available options to improve and enhance your look. We will discuss your health history and how it relates to safe surgery and anesthesia. Please be prepared to discuss your medical history and have a list of all the medications that you are taking.  This includes all supplements and over the counter medications.  It is also important to know if you smoke and how much.

Often, patients ask, “What do I need?”  Dr. Mueller’s response is always, “You don’t need anything.  What do you want?”  Dr. Mueller always reminds patients that facial cosmetic surgery is a want or desire to look better. There are always multiple options for rejuvenation and he will discuss various treatment options. We encourage you to take notes since we will be discussing many things. We will provide you with a list of procedures we discussed as well as their costs.  We want all of our patients to feel satisfied with their cosmetic plastic surgery results.